Restaurant Insurance

Protecting Your Restaurant is just as Important as the Food You Create & Customers You Serve.

If your restaurant insurance policy isn’t adequate for your needs, you’re risking your business. Restaurant owners whose insurance policies are a few years old should consider having their policy reviewed by Weiser Insurance.

The food industry is an ever-changing business. Every restaurant, no matter whether it’s a café, bistro, or fine dining restaurant, needs insurance coverage that coincides with recent changes. At Weiser Insurance, we want to help you protect your restaurant with the proper coverage. If your cooler breaks down on a day when your restaurant is closed, what would you do? If a customer falls in the lobby, could your business withstand the loss?

Restaurants needs vary as much as types of cuisine and the agents at Weiser Insurance are experts in working with restaurant owners. We’ll get to know you and your business to find you the best coverage that suits your needs.

Restaurant insurance provides coverage for many instances. Meant primarily to protect against liability, restaurant insurance can also cover:

  • Liquor Liability
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Product Loss
  • Business Income
  • Food Contamination

Whether all of these coverages apply to your restaurant’s needs is something the agents at Weiser Insurance will help you decide after meeting with you.

Like most restaurant owners, you already have enough to worry about. Let us help reduce the stress by getting your business the coverage it deserves. You can stop by our Houston office or call 888-901-8897 to ask questions, voice concerns, or get a quote from one of our agents.

Your business is like your child. You’ve worked hard for it, cared for it, nurtured it and care deeply about its success. Why risk losing your business when misfortune comes along? Let our dependable, professional agents create a customized restaurant insurance policy to protect your business.