Contractors Insurance

Texas Contractors are Some of the Hardest Working Contractors in the Country, Don’t You Deserve Insurance that Works Hard for You?

Contractors work hard to build their businesses. With all that work you put into it, your Texas contractor business needs adequate protection. Contracting is a challenging field because tasks must be completed within a specific time frame, customers must be satisfied, and everyone involved needs to be kept safe. A customized contractor policy from Weiser Insurance will provide security against many types of accidents.

Contractors can be under quite a bit of stress and we want to take some of that away. You may worry about the risks involved for your employees, your liability for property damage or injury, as well as the quality of the work. Contractor insurance can remove some of that stress by covering a range of instances, allowing you to fully focus on quality and generating more business.

Contractor insurance provides protection from damage and liability, but any contractor insurance package may include coverage for:

  • Property Damage (Business and Customer)
  • Workmans Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Builder’s Risk
  • Bonds

The agents at Weiser Insurance will sit with you, get to know you and your business, and create a policy that meets your needs.

Contractor companies cover many fields of business and Weiser Insurance works with all types of contractors to find the right policy. We are glad to work with electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, general contractors, landscapers, plumbers, and more.

Finding the right coverage to protect your contractor business is simpler than you might think. Visit our office or call 888-901-8897 to speak with an agent today. We’ll be glad to answer questions or address concerns or give you a quote.

After working so hard to build your business, you want to secure it when accidents happen or disaster strikes. At Weiser Insurance, we understand the work you’ve put in and how important your business is to you and your family. We will help you get the protection you need, while making sure you’re not paying for policy add-ons that you don’t.